To follow along with Or Not To Follow, That Is The Question

Link building for websites and SEO has become harder. As Google Penguin and Panda are updated and further algorithmic changes are rolled out, Webmasters are finding it harder and harder to get all those ever-valuable back links to their websites.

Numerous websites and blogs that have been an origin of back links through commenting amenities have also changed the way they publish all those links. It used to be that accepted blog comments were deemed because “do follow” but many now are shown as “no follow”.

You might think that a link is a link however , that is not the case. There is a great difference between the 2 but both have values that are useful to any Internet marketer and SEOs.

Do Follow Hyperlinks

“Do follow” links are the back links that carry the most weight along with Google. It is a visible vote from a Webmaster that they deem the website becoming linked to as worthy of recognition. By giving a “do follow” link the Webmaster has not only provided a clickable link to a web site but also tells Google that it can follow that link to the website and log the vote for recommendation. It is these links that so many SEOs and Webmasters crave as they dramatically help with a websites SEO and Page Ranking. It gets even better if the website linking uses keyword rich anchor text combined with the “do follow link”. This helps Google not only make a note of the link but also what kinds of keywords that link in relevant for.

No Follow Links

On the converse, “no follow” links are as their name suggests. Although the link is made, which may be with keyword rich anchor text or not, the fact is “no follow” has little effect with Google. In reality it has no effect, which can be regarded as the problem with them. By being “no follow”, Google is aware of the link but ignores it as a sign of recommendation for that website.

To Follow Or not To Follow

So is there any point in spending time developing “no follow” links or are they just a waste of time?

Creating links to your website should not only be about raising your Page Rank. It’s also about engaging with other users and allowing them the opportunity to come quickly to your website by following a link. The fact that a link is “no follow” does not mean that if someone clicks onto it then they won’t taken them to your site.

Some of the most valuable SEO campaigns are launched using a variety of back links, including “no follow” links. If you are to help launch a video campaign on You Tubing, the link will be “no follow” nonetheless has a huge value in the number of traffic it can generate by people clicking on it.

The cornerstone great SEO is realising that the Web is used by people and not just by simply search engines. Although “do follow” back links are very important, by themselves they do not always generate clickable content. Most of the extremely trafficked websites that offer the ability with regard to back links are only for “no follow” links however , owing to the amount of readers that these website get, that web page link can generate high volumes connected with traffic to your website.
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The Debate Proceeds

Google is very keen on natural backlink and Penguin has a keen vision on the SEO strategies employed by hyperlink builders. The Google anti spam team are very much alive to the particular “do follow” and “no follow” debate. There has been a lot of SEO gossip from Google and high profile SEOs that a predominantly “do follow” marketing campaign can be deemed as an unnatural backlink profile and as such can have a lesser influence that first thought. A natural link-building campaign will have a blend of “do follow” and “no follow” coupled with assorted anchor text, from relevant websites.

As SEO moves on, all competent SEOs realise that those strategies that were being employed only 8 months ago are now not working as they once were. The science connected with search is changing and Google and yahoo does not like how some SEOs and Webmasters have been manipulating rather than optimising websites and search engine results.

The important thing to successful SEO campaigns can be diversity of links and organic growth. The days of paying a small SEO £300 for a link building advertising campaign are far behind us, although even we still get emails presenting these services.

Using “no follow” links in the right way should be an important part of any SEO campaign. What they require in Google authority they can dramatically replace with in traffic generation and a heightened on the web profile. Couple this with the satellite television uses of anchor text link variety and suddenly, “no follow” turns into an important part of the SEO arsenal.