How to Lookup A Drivers License Number

Searching for someone’s driver’s license is not an easy task; the reason is that such personal information is pretty much protected by privacy laws. In the early 1990’s the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) was enacted and later reviewed in year 2000, this law protects drivers personal information from searches and clearly restricts the reasons why anyone can have access to drivers license records.

The only reason why you should have access to such information is when you have a legitimate need for such information, reasons like employment or court purposes. The DPPA restricts access to personal information such as a person’s name, address, and license number.

More over it makes available other information about an individual’s driving record, status and other non- personal information. It is easier to retrieve an individual’s record if you are in possession of their driver’s license number, especially if you’ve got their permission.

With a legitimate reason, in most cases you don’t need to search for their driver’s license numbers. Just lookup their driving records, driving records often includes the driver’s license number.

Searching online for websites that provide services such as driver’s license number lookup, would render such services for you usually for a fee.
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These online party service providers face the challenge from various state restrictions. This is because the DPPA allows states to apply more restrictive policies about revealing driver’s license records.

Even with these restrictions, there are websites online that can help with these services, since there is the Motor Vehicle Operator License ID Act that requires all states to store electronic copies of all valid licenses issued within their regions. These websites can access this information within public records. It is generally more cost-effective using the paid services of these websites, than trying to find the information yourself. is supplying novelty ID cards, there is no other place on the web that can assure you the same quality, speed and service that we can. Ordering from bogus companies is risky and slow at best. With us, there is guarantee that you get what you pay for.

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