How to Use Promoted Tweets on Twitter

For years, Twitter provided its service for free and they didn’t have a way to create revenue.

Of course , no business can offer a service for free without eventually moving away from business.

We knew Twitter would certainly eventually have to offer advertising or a method to generate revenue and we’re beginning to see some paid services through Twitter.

Promoted Accounts

This service lets you promote your Twitter account to increase your brand exposure. When you use Marketed Accounts, your Twitter account is going to be featured in search results and within the Who To Follow section.

Your Promoted Account appears in the Who To Follow section, for users who have been recognized as most likely to have interests similar to a person.
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I like to use Promoted Accounts whenever we are about to launch a new product or make a significant announcement regarding our company.

Getting our Tweets account in front of millions of targeted Twitter users exponentially increases the reach of our own announcement.

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Twitter posts is similar to the Promoted Accounts support but you’re promoting a specific Twitter update instead of promoting your Twitter accounts.

They’re like a Google ad where you’re trying to get people to click on the hyperlink in the ad so they can take further action.

If they engage and resonate with users, are more likely to appear therefore it is important to use Tweets you know receive a good response.

You can do this testing in advance, by creating a series of Tweets with different messages and landing pages therefore you know which one converts best.

You need to use a Tweet that not only gets a lot of clicks but also receives lots of conversions on your landing page.

Promoted Twitter posts appear in many targeted locations upon Twitter.

They appear in search, timelines, targeted followers and on both cellular and desktop devices. Promoted Twitter posts in search: Your Promoted Tweets will be at the top of the results page when people perform Twitter searches based on the keywords a person target.

Promoted Tweets in timelines

Promoted Tweets can be targeted to users’ timelines who are similar to your supporters.

This lets you get your message before people who are just like your current Twitter system and will be more receptive to your information.

Targeting across mobile and desktop computer

You can target your Promoted Twitter posts to desktop or mobile devices. This lets you target buyers who are more likely to purchase your products or respond to your marketing message.

Geographic targeting: Promoted Tweets can be targeted to specific countries or to specific regions within the U. S.

This lets you develop targeted messages for each country or even region that will convert better than wide marketing messages.

You only pay whenever someone re-tweets, replies to, clicks or favorites your Promoted Tweet and impressions on Re-tweets are free. This extends the achieve of your campaigns significantly.

Since Advertised Tweets appear in different areas of Twitter, it’s okay to run them simultaneously you are running a Promoted Accounts strategy. This gives you maximum exposure for your new product announcement.

Don’t Overdo

I like to rotate the Promoted Tweet promotions and target them to different keyword phrases, so your ads aren’t seen so frequently that people glaze over them.

You can also use geographic targeting, so your ads is not going to constantly appear in every country or region.

Promoted Trends

Another great method to get maximum exposure for your organization is to use Promoted Trends.

Twitter Developments is the real-time view of the most well-known Twitter conversations.

When you promote a trend, a hashtag of your choice appears at the top of the Twitter Tendencies list. When people click on the hashtag, they shall be redirected to the conversations using your hashtag.

Enhanced Profile Pages

An improved profile page is a new Twitter function that increases your brand’s Twitter presence.

You can prominently feature information and facts about your company in the header of your Twitter page.

You can even include a clickable link to your website, which is not available on regular Twitter pages.

The best feature of your enhanced profile page is that it is totally public.

This means users can view it without joining or logging straight into Twitter and your Enhanced profile page will be indexed by Google and will come in Google search results.

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