Selecting a Parrot – Do You Need a Parrot Breeder?

In case you are thinking about adopting a parrot the other of the first decisions after you have resolved on which species of parrot you think meets your requirements will be where do you turn in purchase to get him or her. At this point you have four main choices and some are much better than others. The choices are going to one or more parrot breeders, the local pet store, a bird rescue center and lastly and very rarely you may come across a private selling.

Generally parrots have a high intelligence plus complex characters which is why we are drawn to them in the first place but this also means that they require the proper care and interest from birth, through their formative years and into adulthood to ensure that they grow up well balanced, healthy, happy minus behavioral problems. Parrots have a tendency to obtain stressed if there is any change within either there environment or everyday routine so the initial trip home after the purchase and the first few days in your home will be stressful for your new family member but there are steps you can take to reduce this.

The more information you can get on the potential parrot before you do embrace, the better with this knowledge you can assist in the transition easier for your brand new parrot into their new home environment and routine.

If you choose the nearby pet store it is very unlikely that you receive any real detailed information on your particular parrot as they will often have no information available or you may be offered by someone who is just working on the store for the pay check and actually has no interest in parrots or any additional pets.
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Obviously this is not always the situation and there are plenty of pet stores where all of the employees are knowledgeable and helpful but you as the purchaser need to be aware of all of the possible scenarios.

Another option is the local rescue center where you may find a perfectly healthy and happy parrot but you should take into consideration that you will rarely find a young parrot at a rescue center and their is a higher probability that the parrot will have behavioral issues caused by his previous treatment, whether from poor care, diet or atmosphere. Again this may not be the case but it is difficult to have proof of the history of a parrot from a rescue center.

The third option which is very rare is a private purchase from an individual which is similar to the save center option with the benefit of meeting the person who has cared for the parrot and have a chance to see the parrots’ surroundings but again the negative here is the lack of experience of the private vendor.

Your fourth option is to go to a parrot breeder to choose a parrot. You will have the option to question the breeder thoroughly on how they have reared the bird, including feeding the parrot, through weaning the parrot, which needs to be performed by an experienced handler to feeding solid food and the type of foods chosen as well as asking when they presented bathing to the baby parrot, a good time being when they are partially feathered. Another benefit of a reputable breeder is they will often make themselves available after the purchase to answer any questions and queries that may arise within the first few weeks for you as a parrot owner.

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