Laser beam Technology to Combat Hair Loss

Men in the early stages of male pattern baldness may have new hope for regaining a few of the hair they’ve lost. Laser technology has been proven quite effective for a few forms of thinning hair, notably male pattern baldness as well as female pattern baldness.

Baldness occurs when hair follicles die. Individual hairs grow for several years at a time before receding. Once a hair falls out, that hair’s follicle rests for several weeks before beginning the growth process again. However , in the case of baldness, specifically man pattern baldness, hair loss occurs when individuals follicles stop growing hair altogether.

Laser technology-namely, laser light therapy-could provide the solution for many men struggling with male pattern baldness. Laser therapy utilizes soft low light to promote revitalization and regeneration of hair in the follicle level. With laser treatments, this particular low level light carries power to the scalp. This energy promotes hair regrowth by increasing blood flow and stimulating the cells in your head. Laser light is absorbed at the root level. When it reaches the particular roots and follicles that are broken, laser light helps to repair them, stimulating hair regrowth.
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Laser therapy to regrow hair is available in a number of places. Your doctor can perform the treatment, or you can select from any number of laser combs available online. The key to laser gentle therapy for hair regrowth is definitely repetition. While each individual method of laser therapy will have different requirements, this kind of treatment has only been successful when performed at least twice a week with regard to no less than five weeks. In general, simply no side effects have been reported from curly hair treatments involving laser lights, and the process is pain free.

If you are within the early stages of male pattern baldness (and in many cases female pattern baldness) and have patches of thinning hair, you are considered an excellent candidate for this kind of therapy. Laser therapy can be used by anybody experiencing hair loss, but individual results will vary based on the nature of hair thinning. Many recipients of laser therapy notice a 25% increase in the amount of their hair after just the first treatment.

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